The biggest Achilles heel for President Obama is the still extremely poor shape of the economy. According to a new CBS News/NYT poll, the economy/jobs still remains by far the most important issue for voters. In the poll, 48% ranked it the number one problem facing the country, by comparison no other issue is above 5%. The concern for the Obama campaign is that on this one issue voters care most about, Mitt Romney holds a slight edge in most polling.

The CBS News/NYT poll found slightly more Americans have some confidence in Romney to make the right decisions for the country than they do for Obama. 55% have some confidence in Romney on the economy while just 51% have some confidence in Obama.

The Washington Post/ABC News poll from last week found Romney with the edge on the issue of handling the economy, 47% said Romney would do better while 43% said Obama would do better.

Similarly, a new national Quinnipiac poll found Romney with a slight edge on Obama when it comes to a whole host of economic issues. Romney is seen as being slightly better at creating jobs, 45%-42%, much better on the issues of gas prices 44%-31%, and better on the economy in general. The poll found 47% think Romney would do a better job on the economy and only 43% think Obama would do a better job. Romney and Obama are, though, tied on the issue of taxes which is an impress accomplishment for the Obama team.

While Romney is much less likable, less inspiring, and seen as less able to understand economic problems of regular people; he holds this small edge over Obama when it comes to economic competence and that is what voters really care about right now.