There is no clearer sign of Mitt Romney’s growing inevitability than his recent string of big high profile endorsements. In just the past two days Romney has gotten the important endorsement of the Republican Party’s most significant current and former leaders, representing a broad spectrum of critical Republican constituencies.

Today, Romney was officially endorsed by Rep. Paul Ryan (WI). Not only is Ryan the Chair of the House Budget Committee, but he is widely seen as the driving force behind much of the policy thinking in the Republican caucus. This endorsement importantly comes right before the Wisconsin primary next Tuesday. From Ryan’s endorsement:

REP. PAUL RYAN: “Mitt Romney. Here is the point, we vote on Tuesday here in Wisconsin. Lots of my friends, family and supporters are asking me, who do we think we should vote for? I have two criteria I’m using to make my decision to vote in our primary on Tuesday. Who is the best person to be president? Who will make the best president? And who has the best chance of defeating Barack Obama? In my opinion, Mitt Romney is clearly that person. Here’s the other point: I spent a good deal of time with Mitt Romney and his staff recently going through our country’s fiscal situation, talking about just what it’s going to take to get the country back on track. And I am convinced that Mitt Romney has the skills, the tenacity, the principles, the courage and the integrity to do what it takes to get America back on track. So I believe that he’s the right person for the job and I think this primary has been productive. I think it’s been constructive up ’til now. I think it’s made the candidates better. But I think we’re entering a phase where it could become counterproductive if this drags on much longer. And so that’s why I think we need to coalesce as conservatives around Mitt Romney and focus on the big task at hand which is defeating Barack Obama in the fall.”

Just yesterday, Romney received the endorsement of Sen Marco Rubio. While Rubio is technically only a junior senator, he is very popular with the Republican base and viewed as one of the party’s best potential choices for VP.

In addition, Romney also recently officially received the endorsement of former President George H.W. Bush. It has long been clear the Bush senior favored Romney but it was only recently that he gave his officially endorsement. Bush Senior along with his son are the only two living former Republican presidents.

If there is actually is such a thing as the “Republican establishment” or the “Republican elites,” it consists of these individuals, and they are lining up squarely behind Romney to try to bring this  primary fight to an end.