It is primary day in Illinois, and voters are going to the polls to vote for Presidential and Congressional candidates, as well as local elections. Polls close at 7 pm local, which is 8 pm Eastern.

The big event tonight is obviously the Republican Presidential primary.  Indications are that it will be a good night for Mitt Romney. The latest polling shows him with a double digit lead over Rick Santorum. PPP has it Romney 45%, Santorum 30%, Newt Gingrich 12%, Ron Paul 10%. Similarly, ARG has it Romney 44%, Santorum 30%, Gingrich 13%, Paul 8%.

The race in Illinois was relatively close only two weeks ago, but since then momentum has clearly swung to Romney. This is probably in large part due to Romney and his allies being able to invest heavily in the state. Latest data shows the Romney camp has outspent the Santorum Camp by an incredible 7 to 1 margin in Illinois. Once again, Romney is exploiting his financial advantage for all that it is worth.

The other Illinois race worth keeping an eye on tonight is the Democratic primary in the 10th Congressional district. It features Ilya Sheyman against Brad Schneider. Sheyman, who previously worked for Moveon, has the backing of many left leaning groups like PCCC, USAction and Moveon. Schneider on the other hand is viewed as the moderate business friendly Democrat and has the backing of Steny Hoyer. This fight is sure to be framed as a proxy battle between progressive activists and the party establishment. The only recent publicly available poll has Sheyman leading 45% to 27%.