Despite the fact the California voters are not overflowing with confidence in President Obama’s abilities, in the potential general election match-ups Obama would still easily defeat Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich according to a new Field poll (PDF). While this isn’t a surprising result I think the partisan crosstabs on the poll are extremely telling.

(Image from Field Poll)

Obama and Romney are effective tied among “Non-partisans/others” in California but Obama absolutely destroys Gingrich with this group by more than a two to one margin, 60% – 25%. Those voters not aligned with one of the two major parties really dislike Gingrich and do not want to see him as president. Almost half of the non-partisans who would support Romney will instead vote for Obama if Gingrich is the GOP nominee.

I think no poll data point better exemplifies what a huge potential liability Newt Gingrich would be to the Republican party if he was their presidential nominee and standard bearer for 2012. While California is an extreme example of Gingrich’s problem with independents, this is clearly a serious national issue for Gingrich and the GOP if they nominate him.