The most recent USA Today/Gallup poll confirms that Newt Gingrich has shot to the top of the Republican field and that Herman Cain is now bleeding support.

USA Today/Gallup

Newt Gingrich….. 22
Mitt Romney…… 21
Herman Cain….. 16
Ron Paul………… 9
Rick Perry………. 8
Michele Bachmann 4
Rick Santorum…… 1
Jon Huntsman……. 1
None/No Opinion…18

This poll confirms the national pattern we noted last week in the CNN/ORC poll, which found Cain’s support almost cut in half in only a month and Gingrich being the main beneficiary of Cain’s stumble.

The only thing that seems to have remained constant in this wildly fluctuating Republican primary is the apparent firm ceiling on Mitt Romney of roughly 25 percent. It seems no matter how many of the other candidates stumble, the support never ends up shifting to Romney.

I guess the bright spot for Romney is that if Gingrich fails under the incredible weight of his past, the Republican field will have practically run out of not-Romney candidates.