President Obama’s prospects for being able to stay in the White House have improved slightly, according to the most recent NBC/WSJ poll.

In their August poll they found that Obama was losing to a generic Republican. At that time 40 percent ofregisteredd voters said they would vote for Obama, while 44 percent said they would probably choose the Republican nominee. In a head to head match up against Mitt Romney, Obama led by only a single point.

Now in the most recent poll Obama is both winning the generic question and has a statistically significant lead over Romney. In the generic question 45 percent say they would likely vote to re-elect Obama, while only 42 percent said they would probably vote for the Republican. In a head to head match up against Romney, Obama now leads 49-43 percent.

Obama hit his re-election polling low in August, which is the same time the country’s Economic Confidence number took a significant dip according to Gallup’s measurement. The American public’s opinions about the state of the economy have improved modestly since August, and so have Obama’s re-election poll numbers. It’s another reminder how much the 2012 election will pivot on the economy.