The government of the District of Colombia has launched a new campaign for Statehood. From the  Washington Post:

The new initiative involves asking state and local legislatures around the country to pass ceremonial resolutions supporting district statehood.

A similar resolution was introduced in the New Hampshire legislature this year after a push from D.C. Councilmember David Catania. Statehood supporters say it’s important to build a coalition of support around the country.

The new statehood campaign will include ads around the city directed at tourists and a new website,

Full voting rights for the people of DC, which would require statehood, has always been a big issue for me just on principle.  It’s especially important to me now that I have recently moved into the District.

Now that I’m a DC resident, I’ve become a second class citizen in my own country. I’m no longer allowed to vote for members of the House or Senate, which means I’m now forced to live under laws of, and pay  taxes to, a government in which I have no representation.

It is an incredibly ironic way to treat the people who live in the capital of a country partly created because of the principle “no taxation without representation.”

I still consider the biggest single failure of Congressional Democrats and President Obama was that they didn’t grant statehood to DC in 2009 when they had the chance.