Tomorrow is election day in several states and municipalities around the country. In three states control of the state legislature hangs in the balance. Here is a preview of what is worth watching.

Iowa – Democrats’ narrow control of the Iowa State Senate hangs on the result of the special election in Iowa Senate District 18. The good news for Democrats is that Democrat Liz Mathis leads Republican Cindy Golding 52-46 according to PPP’s polling.

Kentucky – Incumbent Democrat Governor Steve Beshear is expect to easily win re-election tomorrow. Polls show him with a massive double digit lead over Republican David Williams.

Maine – The big issue on the ballot in Maine is a referendum to overturn a new Republican law that would end the state’s tradition of allowing same day voter registration. The law was part of the GOP’s nation wide efforts to restrict voting among Democratic leaning groups such as young people.

Mississippi – The Republican party is hoping to take control of the House of Representatives so it can gain full control of the state government. Currently Democrats have a 68-54 advantage in the House. In the gubernatorial election Republican Phil Bryant has a big lead in the polls over Democrat Johnny DuPree.

Voters in Mississippi will also decide on the highly controversial Initiative 26, the “Personhood Amendment,” that would define life as beginning at the moment of fertilization. This could have implications for a range of issue including birth control and fertility treatments. PPP found the state voters evenly divided on it. Another important issue on the ballot is Initiative 27.  It would require people to show a photo ID to vote. PPP found it leading 64-29.

Ohio – On the ballot in Ohio is the referendum to repeal SB5, a Republican law meant to cripple public sector unions in the state. PPP has the repeal leading by 59-36 percent. This would represent a big victory for the labor union movement. Also on the ballot is Issue 3, an amendment to except individuals and employers from health care insurance mandates. The initiative is meant to be a repudiation of Obamacare and its individual mandate. PPP has the measure at 49% yes, 35% no and 16 percent undecided.

Virgina – Currently Republicans control the Governor’s mansion and the House of Delegates while Democrats have a narrow 22-18 majority in the state Senate. If the GOP nets two seats, the Republican LT Governor will be the tie breaking vote in the Senate. The GOP stands a decent chance of winning control of the Senate tomorrow, which would result in them fully controlling the state.

Washington StateI-1183, which would privatize liquor stores in the state, is the big game in Washington this year. The initiative has been funded with millions from Costco and is opposed with million of funding from the alcohol wholesalers associations. A recent Washington Poll found I-1183 at 50% yes to 42.8% no.

In addition the voters will decide on I-1125, which would prevent gas taxes/tolls to be used for non-transportation purposes and require the state legislature to approve all toll rates. The poll found I-1125 at 41.4% yes  to 40.0% no. While initiatives are hard to poll, being under 50 percent at this point usually means they will end up losing.

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