While President Obama’s job approval numbers had being trending steadily downward since the May bump following the killing of Osama Bin Laden, his job approval numbers appear to have stabilized over the past two months. Every day since August 9th Obama’s job approval number has fallen between 43-38 percent, and his disapproval number has been between 48-54 percent in Gallup daily tracking poll.

During this time Obama averaged 40.7 percent approve to 51.4 percent disapprove.  And as the graph shows, the numbers have remained remarkably stable over the two months with no large spikes or drops.

Over this time period we saw rebels in Libya take control of Tripoli, Obama unveil his American Jobs Act and campaign actively for it, consumer confidence tank, a very bad jobs report, increasing predictions that we could face another recession in a few months, the explosion of the occupy protests and Rick Perry enter the Republican primary. None of these factors seems to have caused a significant net change in Obama job approval numbers. Economic news continues to be poor, but even that seems to have stopped pushing Obama’s approval numbers down.

It appears Obama’s job approval number has settled on some kind of floor at roughly 40 percent and stayed there. I won’t be surprised if, barring a major scandal or catastrophe, 40 percent is about the lower limit for Obama’s job approval numbers.

Numbers for graph from Gallup Daily tracking poll