Back when there was hope for change (photo: Ragesoss)

The political problem for President Obama right now isn’t that he is losing support from a few specific ethnic/age/religious/income groups.  He’s losing support across the board.

Obama isn’t in trouble just because liberal whites are leaving him for “racist” reasons. Obama isn’t in trouble because just some Jews, which make up less than 2 percent of the population, are upset with his handling of Israel. Obama doesn’t have an “Hispanic problem” because of his failure to advance immigration reform and the fact that the Hispanic community is experiencing unemployment rates above that of whites.

The main issue is not that Obama has an Hispanic problem, Jewish problem, blue collar whites problem, Cuban-American problem, white liberal problem, Catholic problem, gay problem, or Asian-American problem. What Obama has is an everyone problem. His numbers are down significantly across the board.

Beyond every individual group’s specific concerns, what the bulk of the American people first and foremost elect a president to do is govern their country well. Obama’s problem is that basically every group across the spectrum feels the country is being governed poorly.

Official unemployment has been stuck around 9 percent for 28 months in a row, and there are no indications fast growth can be expected soon. Despite an initial burst of optimism right after Obama took office, the general trend over the past two years is that the American people have grown more pessimistic about the economy as a whole.

On a personal level only 27 percent of adults feel they are better off than when Obama took office, while 44 percent feel they are worse off.  This is a sign of a country with serious problems and a government that has totally failed to fix them.

It is only natural the American people are extremely dissatisfied. Even if you think the blame for the failure to provide effective government rests mostly with Congressional Republicans, in the end only Obama is the head of the government.

Obama’s main problem isn’t that he has done a poor job addressing some subgroup’s specific concerns. His real problem is that he has failed the first order requirement of all Americans that their President provide the effective governance needed to address an immediate crisis.