The hills and valleys of California (image: USGS)

Even in reliably blue California the bad economy helped drag President Obama’s job approval numbers below the 50 percent mark. According to Field Poll [PDF], currently only 46 percent of California voters approve of how Obama his handling his job as president while 44 disapprove. This represents an eight point drop in his job approval rating since three months ago, and it’s Obama’s lowest rating in the state to date.

The drop in approval for Obama came mostly from Democrats as well as those who don’t identify with the two major parties, mainly because Obama’s job approval ratings among Republicans were all ready so low there wasn’t much room for it to fdrop lower. In the past few months Obama’s job approval number among Democrats dropped by 10 points from 79 percent in June to 69 percent now. The erosionĀ  in support among “non-partisans/others” was even greater, dropping 13 points, from 58 percent in June to only 45 percent now.

The big problem for Obama is the poor shape of the economy and our almost non-existent economic growth. As a result, his job approval on the economy is a terrible 40 percent approve – 56 percent disapprove.

The mildly positive news for Obama is that he is still personally liked, 55 percent of voters still hold a favorable view of him personally. This would imply if the economy improves, his job approval numbers could bounce back easily.