Falling support

Falling Support from Obama Base

The growing pessimism about the state of the economy has helped push President Obama’s approval ratings to an all time low.  That and other issues are starting to seriously affect his support from key components of his base. From Tom Jensen at PPP:

What might be most noteworthy in this week’s poll is how bad Obama’s numbers are with a few key and usually dependable Democratic constituencies. He’s under water in union households at 44/47. He’s also under water with voters under 30 at 45/48. The Northeast tends to a pretty dependable region for Democrats, but Obama’s under water there at 47/49. Obama’s usually been able to hold his ground with female voters but he’s under water with them too at 45/49. And even with African Americans his approval rating’s down to 76%, about as low as we’ve ever found it.

The big drop in support among young people should be one of the most concerning new developments for Obama. Since left-leaning 20 somethings are unlikely to vote for the Republican because they are disappointed with Obama, there is a good chance they simply won’t show up to vote at all.

College students and recent college grads tend to move frequently. That means actually voting requires taking the additional step to register to vote at their new address ahead of election day. That is an added hurdle many young people might not bother with to help a president whom they don’t believe is doing a good job.