It has been less than two weeks since Texas Governor Rick Perry announced he would be seeking the Republican party’s nomination for President, and he’s really become the front runner. Two new national polls show Perry with an impressive double digit lead over the next strongest candidate, Mitt Romney.

From Gallup:

Preferences for 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination, Trend, May-August 2011

From PPP:

In PPP’s first national poll since Rick Perry’s official entry into the Presidential race he’s jumped out to a double digit advantage. Perry’s at 33% to 20% for Mitt Romney, 16% for Michele Bachmann, 8% for Newt Gingrich, 6% for Herman Cain and Ron Paul, 4% for Rick Santorum, and 3% for Jon Huntsman.

It is still early and a lot can change between now and the first primary contest. For example, at this point in the 2008 cycle Rudy Giuliani was the front runner and also had a double digit lead over all the other GOP candidates. For the time being though, Perry is the front runner with all the pluses and minuses that entails.