Union Thug

Union Thug by LizaWasHere

Today the campaign, We Are Ohio, delivered over five times the number of signatures needed to put a referendum of anti-union, Senate Bill 5, on the 2011 November ballot. From Cleveland.com:

This afternoon, they said they were deliveringĀ  1,298,301 signatures in an 18-wheeler. The group said 6,200 people marched in the parade.

To put SB 5 up for a vote, We Are Ohio needs valid 231,149 signatures of registered voters from across the state.

The huge number of signatures gathered effectively assures that there will be enough legal signatures to get the referendum on the ballot.

Labor unions have already invested heavily in the effort to repeal SB 5 are are expected to spend big on the campaign to convince the people of Ohio to vote the law down. Given that public sector union busting has becoming something of a national trend over the pastĀ  year, this referendum will be one of the most elections of 2011, that change the dynamics related to similar laws in other states going forward.