More proof that the Republican plan put forward by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to privatize Medicare is a massive political liability. Another poll, this time from Bloomberg, finds that the American people think it would make seniors worse off:

By a margin of 57 percent to 34 percent, poll respondents say they would be worse off if Ryan’s plan to convert Medicare to a system of subsidized private health coverage were adopted. Fifty-eight percent of independents, a critical voting bloc in recent elections, say they would be worse off.

The GOP’s very unpopular Medicare privatization plan is not surprisingly helping Democrats get the upper hand on the issue of Medicare:

Respondents say they trust Obama’s party, the Democrats, more than Republicans to do a better job of dealing with Medicare, by 43 percent to 34 percent, with 23 percent not sure. Independents give Democrats a 14-percentage-point advantage over Republicans when it comes to handling Medicare.

This could be a real political win for Democrats in 2012. The only question mark is whether or not President Obama will sacrifice the Democratic Party’s advantage on this issue by allowing Medicare cuts to be included in a debt ceiling deal with the Republicans.

That move could muddy the waters on the issue and allow the GOP to claim some vindication for “thinking big.” It would politically hard the entire Democratic party, but could help Obama promote personal image of being able to bring both sides together.