The Democratic party has made it very clear they intend to make a big issue out of the House Republican budget that would end Medicare and replace it with a privatized voucher program. The DCCC has put together another ad hammering Republicans for this vote. (via Huffington Post)

This is a solid improvement over the pathetic ad from last week. No jokes, no creepy strip teases, just a hard-hitting ad that conveys the seriousness of the matter. You can easily see how this ad will be cut down to 30 second spots during the election season.

It clearly shows, using voters’ own words, that Republicans lied last year when they ran on promises of not voting to cut or privatize Medicare. The ad is a twofer that not only hits the Republicans for taking a very unpopular position, but at the same time undermines their credibility.

While the nation’s political attention span tends to be very short, it is clear the Democrats have a winning issue here and are going to try to keep the vote on Paul Ryan’s budget fresh in voters minds for the next year-and-a-half.