President Obama has officially launched his re-election campaign, and to mark the event he has released the following video featuring a multi-racial, multi-generational mixture of “regular people” from swing states talking about Obama in the absolutely vaguest terms possible.

I watched the video several times, and I still can’t find any thing resembling a real message in it. There is no mention of anything President Obama has accomplished, nor was there any mention of the issues the president wants to tackle if re-elected. There is only the acknowledgment that there are still many problems, so, “we want them addressed by President Obama.”

Maybe I’m being too critical given that this is merely the first web ad of a very long campaign, but, so far, the campaign theme seems to be re-elect President Obama because he is Obama. For now, while the Obama campaign is only trying to get their most loyal supporters to start donating again, that is probably a decent enough message, but I hope by the time the 2012 campaign is fully underway the messaging is at least slightly better than that.