In what is something like the 50th survey to show the same thing, a new Bloomberg poll (PDF) found that by far the top issue for Americans is jobs, and that a clear majority want the federal government to be focused on the priority of creating jobs instead of cutting spending.

Which of the following do you see as the most important issue facing the country right

43% Unemployment and jobs
29 The federal deficit and government spending
12 Health care
7 the war in Afghanistan
3 Immigration
N/A The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico
4 Other
2 Not sure

Which of the following do you see as the more important priority for the federal government right now—creating jobs or cutting spending?

56 Creating jobs
42 Cutting spending
2 Not sure

Let me simplify all the recent polling data for the politicians who seem to find it far too complex to understand: With nine percent unemployment, people really want jobs right now–not spending cuts.

Despite the fact that regular Americans overwhelmingly want their government to be focused on creating jobs, and economists from Goldman Sachs, Moody’s and Macroeconomics Advisers project the cuts sought by Republicans would result in hundreds of thousands of fewer jobs, right now, Washington is obsessed with the debate over whether or not Democrats agreeing to $4, $6 or $30 billion in more cuts qualifies as meeting Republicans half way.

If the Democratic party can’t defend their traditional stance of having the government help people get jobs during bad times because it is the right thing to do, you would at least hope they defend it for the crass political reason that it is clearly the popular thing to do.

It seems the party hasn’t just lost touch with its roots, it has lost touch with reality.