Kansas’ Republican Secretary of State is pushing for new laws to stop what is essentially nonexistent “voter fraud.” These laws would just happen to also make it much harder for younger, more urban, and poor individuals to register and vote. These are groups that tend to vote more often for Democrats. With Republicans now in full control of the state’s government, it is very likely we will see some version of these laws passed. From the Kansas City Star:

“My hope is that Kansas will be to stopping election fraud what Arizona is to stopping illegal immigration,” said [Secretary of State Kris] Kobach, who made voter fraud a cornerstone of his fall campaign.

Under Kobach’s proposal, Kansans would have to show a passport, birth certificate or other proof of citizenship when registering to vote. They then would have to show a government photo ID — driver’s license, passport or state university ID — at the polls.

Voters casting advance or mail-in ballots would have to include their driver’s license number, or a photocopy of their ID.

It seems the Kansas GOP is prepared to follow the example of the Wisconsin GOP in passing restrictive laws making it harder for Democratic-leaning groups to vote.

The Republican party clearly has no problem changing the rules to help cement their power, even if it means disenfranchising people with anti-small-”d”-democratic actions.