Rob Portman has won the Senate race in Ohio over Lee Fisher. Portman, the former OMB Director under George W. Bush, was widely expected to win. Fisher handed his entire war chest at the end of the race to the Ohio Dem Party for GOTV efforts and went dark on television.

The OH-Gov race between Ted Strickland and John Kasich, on the other hand, is too close to call. That extra money could come in handy. Sherrod Brown is very encouraged and “confident” that Strickland will pull it out there, which would be enormous. I’m looking into information on the Attorney General’s race there; it’s a key race for the future of the foreclosure fraud investigation, with hard-charging incumbent Democrat Richard Cordray against former Republican Senator Mike DeWine.

In North Carolina and West Virginia, the races are seen as too early to call. Incumbent Richard Burr leads Elaine Marshall in NC, and Governor Joe Manchin leads Republican John Raese in WV.

The GA-Sen race still looks too early to call, which is a little surprising. I assume that will get cleared up when Atlanta districts start coming in.