Welcome to part two of FDL  midterm election night liveblog (link to part one). For the most recent list of FDL top 108 House races to watch tonight go here You can also find my list of the twelve House races in early closing states that should give you a sense of how the night will go look here.

So far the results for Democrats have been very bad but don’t indicate that it will be a historic 70 seat plus tsunami.

8:00 pm - Polls are now fully closed in FL, AL, CT, DE, IL, ME, MD, MA, MI, MO, NJ, OK. Marco Rubio declared winner in FL Sen and Chris Coons won DE Sen.

8:11 pm – This is good news for Democrats. John Carney (D) won DE-AL which had been held by Republicans.

8:16 pm – Things are not looking good for Democrats in Virginia House seats, but in IN-02 with 61% reporting Joe Donnelly (D) has a narrow lead 48.5 – 46.6.

8:23 pm – Bring out your dead. FL-24 Sandy Adams (R) declared the winner knocking off incumbent Suzanne Kosmas. First but likely not last incumbent House Democrat to fall.

8:27 pm – No big surprise. Richard Blumenthal (D) won CT Senate race according to MSNBC

8:30 pm – Polls closed in AR and Blanche Lincoln is officially gone. John Boozman has been declared the winner.

8:34 pm – In WV Senate race, Dem. Joe Manchin has been declared the winner. This means it will be really hard for the GOP to win the majority in the Senate. This is probably a Senate race in addition to Delawar the GOP might have won with a better recruit.

8:44 pm – In VA-05 GOP Robert Hurt beat Tom Perriello. Virginia could be brutal for Democrats.

8:47 pm – Alan Grayson (D) lost FL-08 to GOP Dan Webster. What one wave brings in the next wave takes away.

8:50 pm – In a sign that it could be brutal in the House for Dem in VA-09 incumbent Dem Rick Boucher lost to GOP Morgan Griffith.

8:58 pm – With 71% reporting GOP Todd Young has been declared the winner. He is currently beating Baron Hill by 54.5- 40.2. Makes FDL/SurveyUSA poll from Jan. showing Hill losing badly look like a timely warning.

9:00 pm – Polls closed in KS, MI, ND, TX, CO, MN, NE, NM, NY, RI, WI, WY. MSNBC is declaring that the GOP will take control of the House with roughly margin of 237 R – 198 D.

9:14 pm – There appears to be rays of hope for Russ Feingold in WI Sen, Michael Bennt in CO Sen, and Alexi Giannoulias in IL sen.

9:17 pm – NH-01 GOP Frank Guinta beat Carol Shea-Porter. CNN also claims Republicans will take the House.

9:28 pm – Some good news for Democrats. Joe Donnelly just barely held on in IN-02.

9:33 pm – FDL liveblog part three