KY Sen: Paul Well in Front in Latest Poll, Will Likely Be Winner Next Week

For over a month now, Republican Rand Paul has managed to maintain a modest lead over Democrat Jack Conway in the Kentucky open Senate race, and with only a week left until the election, signs point to a Paul victory. PPP is out with a new poll showing Paul with a 13 point lead.

PPP (PDF) (10/21-24)
Rand Paul (R) 53
Jack Conway (D) 40
Undecided 7

While this is one of the largest leads ever for Paul in public polling, all recent pollsters have had him in the lead. For example, a recent Mason-Dixon poll (PDF) had Paul up by five points.

The PPP poll found President Obama garnered only a 34 percent approval rating in the state. In this political environment, it is very difficult for any Democrat to win in a place where their president is so unpopular.

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