Joe Miller reversed himself and discussed his background yesterday, acknowledging that he committed ethics violations while working at the Fairbanks North Star Borough in 2008. He used company time and resources to help depose the head of the Alaska GOP.

He was working as an attorney at the borough at the same time as he was working to oust the then-chair of the state GOP. The Anchorage Daily News has the details on what happened:

A Republican activist from Kodiak said Miller’s father, Rex Miller, told him last week that Miller was caught using other borough employees’ computers for online political polling. He said Miller emptied the caches on the computers of his borough colleagues “so the users wouldn’t know what he had done.”

This is something of a vindication for Alaska Dispatch, the news website that has been leading the way on the Fairbanks story, and that broke the news of the ethics violation last week, prompting Miller’s declaration that he would not answer more questions about his past. (That’s the same website whose editor was handcuffed by Miller’s guards Sunday while he was trying to ask a question about this story.)

Speaking of that handcuffing, more has emerged on that front. First of all, Miller alleged that Tony Hopfinger, the Alaska Dispatch reporter, followed him into the bathroom to ask questions, a detail missing from earlier reports. Then, it came out that the DropZone security detail, which seems a bit much for a town hall in a public school in Anchorage, threatened to detain other journalists who tried to speak with Hopfinger when he was detained. There’s video of this.

These recent events have led the cognoscenti to report that the election could be slipping away from Miller:

Do Republicans begin targeting McAdams? Speaking of Miller in Alaska, at what point do Republicans begin directing their fire at Scott McAdams (D), to help either Miller or Lisa Murkowski (R-ite-in) win? Miller’s getting close to being in free-fall if some private polling is to be believed. And while the national Republicans have to be careful not to anger Palin publicly and also come out and endorse Murkowski, about the best way they could assist may be in going after McAdams. Of course, Alaska is a cheap state and, Democrats might decide to play as well. It’s going to be a wild ending in Alaska. And here’s the best part: We may not know the winner for three weeks, because state law doesn’t count the write-ins until it’s been determined there are enough write-ins to alter the outcome. #headache

The citation of private polling is interesting. Could Miller be losing his grip on the race? And since Murkowski’s votes won’t even begin to be tallied until perhaps a week after Election Day, will we even know when this one is over?