There is some good news for Democrat Jack Conway. The latest Braun Research/CN2 poll (PDF) of likely voters in Kentucky has him roughly a half-point ahead of his Republican opponent Rand Paul, making the race effectively tied (rounding brings the margin up to a point).

Braun Research (PDF) (8/16-18)
Jack Conway 42
Rand Paul 41
Unsure 16
Refused to answer 1

This is a huge improvement compared to the last Braun Research poll (PDF), which found Paul with a ten-point lead over Conway, 41 – 31.

This is also the first poll in a very long time to show Conway with the advantage. The most recent polls from Rassmussen, Ipsos, and SurveyUSA all found Paul in the lead. We will need to wait for some other polling to determine if there is a real surge in support for Conway or if this is just an outlier.

At the very least, this poll should be helpful to Conway. It makes it easier for him to make the case to voters, and importantly potential donors and volunteers, that the race is a tossup. Being able to point to a poll showing Kentucky might be one of the best Senate pickup opportunities for Democrats in this bad cycle could be quite useful for fundraising and energizing supporters.