Today features primary elections in Washington state and Wyoming. The races to watch tonight will be both parties’ primaries for governor in Wyoming, the Senate primary in Washington state, and the primary in Washington’s 3rd Congressional district. Read this preview for more information at the races.

Polls close in Wyoming at 9pm Eastern and in Washington at 11pm Eastern. You can find results at Politico or at the Wyoming Secretary of State (not providing information in real time) and Washington Secretary of State sites.

Something to keep in mind tonight is that Washington State uses the “top two primary” system which California will also start using in 2012. With it, all candidates regardless of party run in the same primary. The two candidates, regardless of party, who get the most voters go on to become the only two candidates on the general election ballot.

9:00pm – Polls are now closed in Wyoming. Should be a while before we start seeing real numbers though.

9:30pm – For a low population state Wyoming has been very slow reporting. No numbers yet.

9:40pm – Now we are getting some numbers. With 5.1% reporting, Pete Gosar leads the Dem primary for governor 53.7% to Leslie Petersen 34.3%. On the Republican side Ron Micheli leads with 39.3% followed by Matt Mead 29%, Rita Meyer 19.1%, Colin Simpson 10.6%.

10:10pm – With a little over 12% reporting things are starting to shape up a bit more, as expected. Rita Meyer leads 29.6%, Matt Mead 29%, Ron Micheli 28.1%. All three a very close at this moment.

10:16pm – Now the numbers are coming in. With 21% reporting in the GOP primary, Matt Mead 33.2%, Rita Meyer 28.4%, Ron Micheli 23.1%. On the Democratic side Leslie Peterson has taken the lead 47.8% to Pete Gosar at 40.4%.

10:40pm – With 35% reporting it is real close in the GOP primary. Mead 30.3, Meyer 30, Micheli 24.3.

Just to give you a taste of how red Wyoming is, at this point there is over three times as many votes in the GOP primary for governor as there are in the Dem primary.

10:52pm – With just over 52% reporting Leslie Petersen is holding on to her lead on the Dem side. Petersen 47.3% – Peter Gosar 40.6%. On the Republican it is Mead 30.1, Meyer 29.6, Micheli 23.7

11:00pm – Polls are now closed in Washington State. As a voter/democracy advocate I support very late poll closing times, as a political writer on the east coast I must say small part of me hates them.

11:05pm – Things are very close in the WY GOP primary with 58% reporting. Micheli just shot into the lead with 29.6%, Mead 27.7%, Meyer 27.1%

11:13pm – No surprisings with the first 7.5% of precincts reporting in Washington. Incumbent Dem Patty Murray 40.9, Republican establishment choice Dino Rossi 35.8, Republican Clint Didier 12.9, Paul Akers 2.7. Note I’m very impressed with the Washington SOS quick reporting website.

11:18pm – In Washington 3rd district it looks like Democrat Denny Heck will likely face Republican Jaime Herrera in the general as the top two vote getters tonight. With 37.5% reporting it is Heck 32, Herrera 30.4, Republican David Hedrick 15.5, Republican David Castillo 9.7

11:8pm – things are crazy close in WY GOP gov primary with 71% reporting. Micheli has a just a 22 vote lead over Mead with Meyer only a few hundred votes behind. Micheli 28.4, Mead 28.4, Meyer 27.7.

11:35pm – Mainly just waiting for the call in WA Sen Murray and Rossi are basically assured to be the top two vote getters. With 30% reporting Murray 42.3%, Dino Rossi 37.9, Clint Didier 11.9

11:37pm – AP has called it. Leslie Peterson will be the Democratic nominee for governor in Wyoming.

11:40pm – AP called the top two voter getters in the Washington Senate primary. Democrat Patty Murray will face Republican Dino Rossi in the general election.

11:50pm – There just might be a non-Democrat or Republican on the general election federal ballot in Washington State, something that I don’t think has happen since the adoption of the top two primary. With 43.8% reporting in the deep blue 7th District it is incumbent Democratic Jim McDermott 78.9, Independent Bob Jeffers-Schroder 6.9%, Democratic Bill Hoffman 4.4%. If Jeffers-Schroder comes in second he will be the only candidate not from the two major parties on the Congressional or Senate ballot in Washington state this year. Lets just say McDermott is a huge favorite in the general.

12:03am – With 87% reporting in Wyoming Mead is finally putting so distance between him and Meyer. Mead 29.2, Meyer 28.3, Micheli 26.3

12:35am – With 99% reporting in Wyoming there is no call but Mead is holding a modest lead. Mead 28.9, Meyer 27.6, Micheli 26.6.

12:45am -100% reporting but no call in Wyoming. Mead 28.7, Meyer 28.1, Micheli 26.2

12:55am – the last important call of the night. the top two vote getters in Washington 3rd district are Democrat Denny Heck and Republican Jaime Herrera.

Goodnight everyone