Just over a week from the August 24 Florida primary, two polls show the Democratic Senate primary and the dynamics of the overall Senate race in very different shape. Mason-Dixon has Rep. Kendrick Meek with a huge lead over his billionaire opponent Jeff Greene, while Ipsos still has Greene with a modest lead.

Mason-Dixon (PDF) (8/9-11)
Democratic Senate Primary
Kendrick Meek 40
Jeff Greene 26
Other 6
Undecided 28

Ipsos (PDF) (8/6-10)
Democratic Senate Primary (With leaners)
Kendrick Meek 32
Maurice Ferre 5
Jeff Greene 40
Someone else 1
Don’t Know/Unsure 23

That is a huge difference between two polls that were taken at roughly the same time. Earlier polling had the race fairly close. For what it’s worth, Meek’s campaign has released an internal showing him with a large late surge compared with a previous internal poll, which had the race effectively tied.

The two pollsters also don’t agree on the general election dynamics. Ipsos has independent candidate Gov. Charlie Crist in the lead in both possible three-way matchups, with him doing best if Meek wins the Democratic primary. On the other hand, Mason-Dixon finds Marco Rubio with a strong lead if Meek wins, but Crist comes in first if Greene is the victor next Tuesday.

Mason-Dixon (8/9-11)
Marco Rubio (R) 38
Charlie Crist (I) 33
Kendrick Meek (D) 18
Undecided 11

Marco Rubio (R) 38
Charlie Crist (I) 39
Jeff Greene (D) 12
Undecided 11

Ipsos(8/6-10) (With leaners)
Marco Rubio (R) 33
Kendrick Meek (D) 19
Charlie Crist (I) 38
Other 1
Don’t Know/Unsure 9

Marco Rubio (R) 32
Jeff Greene (D) 22
Charlie Crist (I) 34
Other 1
Don’t Know/Unsure 10

It seems neither poll gives Crist a Democrat to root for next Tuesday. Both pollsters show that the winner of the Democratic primary has a noticeable impact on Crist’s chances of winning the general election, but they don’t agree on how. What is actually going on right now in the Florida Senate race is an open question.