Today is primary day in Michigan, Missouri and Kansas. There are several important races taking place in each state. You can find a primer on the big races tonight here.

Polls close in Michigan and Missouri at 8pm eastern and in Kansas at 9pm.

You can follow the results coming in at Politico or the Michigan Secretary of State and Missouri Secretary of State.

8:00pm – Polls are now closed in Missouri and Michigan but it will probably be about 45 minutes before we start seeing real numbers.

8:20pm – Very first tiny numbers coming in. With 0.2% reporting in MO no surprise Democrat Robin Carnahan has 87% in Dem primary and Roy Blunt is getting 71.8% in Republican primary.

8:35pm – With about 1% reporting in Michigan on the Dem side Virg Bernero 57% – Andy Dillon 42.7%. On the GOP side Pete Hoekstra takes the early lead with 34.1%, Rick Snyder 29.8% and Mike Cox at 25.1%.

8:45pm – In MI-01 with 12% reporting Dan Benishek is looking strong with 43.2% and Jason Allen at 30.6%

8:55pm РIn MI Gov with just over 5% reporting, Bernero looks good with 59% to Dillon 41%. On the Republican side Rick Snyder has grabbed the lead as expected  with 34.5%, Hoekstra 28.7% and Mike Cox 26.4%.

9:00pm – Polls closed in Kansas. In MI-03 Gop primary with 6.7% Justin Amash gets big early lead 46.6 to Steve Heacock 18.6% and Bill Hardiman 17.1%. And AP officially called MO Dem Senate for Carnahan.

9:10pm – MI-02 is one close contest with 14% reporting. Bill Huizenga has 26.1% Wayne Kuipers 25.8%, Jay Riemersma 23.7% and Bill Cooper 18.8%.

9:16pm – With 5.6% reporting in MO Prop C, the anti-individual mandate is winning huge yes 71.7% no 28.3%. I know turnout is going to be mostly Republican base but the individual mandate is clearly unpopular.

9:23pm – It is shaping up to be a really tight Republican primary to run in the MI-01 district Stupak is leaving. Jason Allen now has the lead 38.6 to Dan Benishek at 38.5.

9:27pm – No surprise Roy Blunt called the winner in MO Sen GOP primary.

9:30pm – Thinks are looking real bad for Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick in MI-13. With 13% in Hansen Clarke leads 49.6 to Kilpatrick’s 32.5%. I guess the sins of the son will fall on the mother this time.

9:40pm – With about 24% reporting in MI Gov it is looking like it will be Dem Virg Bernero vs. Republican Rick Snyder. Synder currently lead in the primary 36 to Hoekstra 27

9:45pm – The GOP battle to see who gets to challenge Ike Skelton in MO-04 is seperated by only a few hundred votes. Vicky Hartzler leads 36.8% to Bill Stouffer 34.5%.

9:50pm – In the Michigan Dem Governor primary Virg Bernero has just been declared the winner over Andy Dillon.

9:55pm – With 15% in the KS GOP Sen primary the race is shockingly close. Jerry Moran 47% – Todd Tiahrt 46.7%.

10:05pm – It looks like freshman Mark Schauer in MI-07 will face Tim Walberg. with half the precincts he leads Brian Rooney 57.8 – 31.9.

10:08pm – Not surprisingly in KS-03 Dem primary Stephene Moore has been declared the winner in her husband’s district.

10:16pm – MI-01 GOP primary with 78.1 reporting Benishek has taken back a tiny lead 29.3% to Allen 37.5%.

10:22pm – Ultra-conservative David Powell tea party fueled anti-Obamacare campaign for the Kansas Insurance Commissioner Republican primary has done fairly well. With 26% reporting incumbent Sandy Praeger leads only 63% to Powell 37%.

10:36pm – The MI GOP governor race has been called for Rick Snyder. Another big victory for an outsider political novice self funded millionaire this cycle.

10:45pm – Tim Walberg was declared winner in MI-07 GOP primary and will take on freshman Dem Mark Schauer.

10:50pm – With just over 50% reporting in KS GOP Sen primary Jerry Moran has a small and growing lead over Todd Tiahrt 48.4-45.8%.

10:58pm – People really don’t like the individual mandate. Prop C in Missouri is winning yes 74.5% to no 25.5%. Who could have thought the government forcing people to buy insurance from the very unpopular private health insurance companies or face a fine would be unpopular.

11:06pm – I can’t understand why it has not been called by in MO-04 Republican Vicky Hartzler will win the right to take on Ike Skelton. Hartzler is beating Stouffer 41-30 with 95% reporting.

11:14pm – MI-01 GOP primary is insanely close with 94.5% reporting. Only 36 votes separate Benishek and Allen. Benishek has the lead.

11:20pm – Kevin Yoder has been declared the winner in the GOP primary in KS-03. He will take on Stephene Moore in what is likely to be a competitive race in the general election.

11:33pm – Weird AP has not called MO-07 GOP primary despite 100% reporting so I will. Billy Long is the winner and almost assured to be the next congressman from this very red district. He has 36.5% compared to Jack Goodman at 29.1%

11:57pm – Ever so slowly Jerry Moran is polling into a lead in the KS GOP Sen race. leading Tiahrt 48.1-46.1.

12:06pm – With 98.5% reporting in Missouri Yes on Prop C wins 71.5%. Democrats were fools to build a health care plan around such a highly unpopular policy. No way a single payer Medicare for All would have been less popular.

12:31pm РThe AP just called the Kansas Senate Republican primary for Rep. Jerry Moran.  He will face Democrat Lisa Johnston. Moran is hands down the favorite to win in November.

12:39pm – The AP has called Justin Amash the winner in the Republican primary in MI-03. Amash is most likely going to win the general. Club for Growth had a good night tonight with Amash and the likely success of Mike Pompeo KS-04.

12:44pm – Hansen Clarke was just declared the winner in MI-13 Democratic primary. He defeated incumbent Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick.

12:47pm- Speaking of Club for Growth endorsed Mike Pompeo he has just been declared the winner.

Going to bed. MI-13 and KS-04 were among the last important races to be decided tonight so I’m head to bed. The Incredibly close GOP primary in MI-1 where Benishek lead by 39 votes over Allen will likely go to some type of recount.