Several new polls of the Arkansas Senate race have been released, and they all point to the same conclusion: Democrat Blanche Lincoln is going to lose her re-election bid and lose it badly. Get ready for Republican Senator John Boozman.

Talk Business (7/17)
John Boozman (R) 57%
Blanche Lincoln (D) 32%
Trevor Drown (I) 3%
John Gray (G) 2%
Undecided 6%

Magellan (7/12) (PDF)
John Boozman 60
Blanche Lincoln 29
Other 4
Undecided 6

Ipsos (7/16-18) (PDF)
John Boozman 54
Blanche Lincoln 35
Other 1
Unsure/Refuse 10

When an incumbent is below 40 percent support and the opponent is well above 50 percent, there is effectively no hope. These are almost comically bad numbers for an incumbent. Barring some truly impressive scandal, there is no way to picture Lincoln turning this around. Boozman is an experienced politician and should easily be victorious in November.