In the race to be the next governor of Nevada, Republican Brian Sandoval continues to maintain a solid double-digit lead over his Democratic opponent, Rory Reid, son of Democratic Senate leader Harry, according to a new Mason-Dixon poll for “Las Vegas Review-Journal.”

Mason-Dixon 7/12-14
Brian Sandoval 47
Rory Reid 36
Other 3
None of these 7
Undecided 7

In his own race to retain his Senate seat, it appears Majority Leader (and Rory’s dad) Harry Reid’s recent surge in the polls is mainly due to GOP rival Sharron Angle’s gaffes, and it’s not translating into a statewide movement toward Democrats. Rory Reid is suffering from a serious favorability problem. From “Las Vegas Review-Journal”:

Sandoval, a former federal judge and attorney general, received a 45 percent favorable, 19 percent unfavorable rating.

Reid, an attorney who is chairman of the Clark County Commission, had a 29 percent favorable, 38 percent unfavorable rating.

Having two men named Reid at the top of the ballot can’t be good news for down-ticket Democrats. The father-son combo has the uncomfortable feel of being an ultimate political insiders’ ticket. Both are unpopular and have high unfavorable ratings. Even if Harry Reid wins, it will likely be a small plurality victory, mainly because Angle is viewed as a completely unacceptable alternative. They are not the top-ticket Democrats who will generate excitement with base voters, drive turnout or promote the Democratic brand with independents. That could be a real problem for people like Democrat Dina Titus, who represents Nevada’s third Congressional district. She holds only a two-point lead over Republican Joe Heck.

Mason-Dixon (7/12-14)
Dina Titus 42
Joe Heck 40
Other 5
None of these 4
Undecided 9

With very high unemployment and unpopular top-ticket candidates, Nevada is going to be a tough place for down-ticket incumbent Democrats.