Tonight features primary runoff elections in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Mississippi. There is also a primary in Utah, but thanks to their convention selection process that can select or weed out candidates (Bob Bennett was defeated in that process, for example), it has some similarities to a runoff election. Mississippi has very little going on, so the big events of the night are the GOP governor’s race in SC, the Dem Senate race in NC, and the GOP primary in UT. For a preview of the night’s races click here and you can find update election results at Politico.

Polls close at (all times Eastern):
SC – 7:00 pm
NC – 7:30 pm
MS – 8:00 pm (7 pm CT)
UT – 10:00 pm (8 pm MT)

7:00 – Polls now closed in South Carolina. It will still be awhile before we start getting real numbers though.

7:30 – Polls now closed in North Carolina. We also have the first very few results from SC. With less than 1% precincts reporting Nikki Haley 61 – Gresham Barrett 39.

7:45 – With 1% precincts reporting in NC the Senate Dem primary is Elaine Marshall 62 – Cal Cunningham 38.

8:00 – Polls closed in Mississippi now. With 6% of precincts reporting Haley holds a strong lead at 60-40. In the SC-01 race, Tim Scotts looks likely to be the first African American Republican member of Congress (in several years). With 8% reporting Scott 70.5 – Paul Thurmond 29.5

8:13 – As expected things are looking really good for Haley. 28% reporting she leads 64-36. On track to be the first female and Asian American governor of South Carolina. She should be the favorite in the general.

8:20 – Although it has not been called yet it looks like Republican Bob Inglis (SC-04) will be the last incumbent to be defeated in a primary. with 31% reporting it is Trey Gowdy 72 – Inglis 28.  That seems like a pretty impossible deficit to overcome.

8:25 – Nikki Haley has just been declared winner of the South Carolina Republican primary. She is expect to be the favorite and November. Don’t be surprised if she quickly becomes a prominent face in the party as both a female of color and the governor of the one of the most important states in the 2012 Republican presidential primary calender.

8:30 – In North Carolina Elaine Marshall has just been declared win of the Democratic senate primary. She defeated the establishment back Cal Cunningham and had the endorsement of several grassroots progressive organizations. Marshall will take on incumbent Richard Burr in the general. Burr is the most vulnerable, if not the only potentially vulnerable, incumbent Republican senator right now. (I wonder who gets to anonymously call up Politico to yell about how the DSCC just flushed its donors money right down the toilet in North Carolina?)

8:40 – Its official incumbent Rep. Inglis (R SC-04) has just lost badly. Trey Gowdy has been declared the winner with 73-27 with 76% of precincts reporting.

8:45 – Republican Tim Scott has been declared the winner in SC-01. (The number of African American Republicans in Congress will likely skyrocket from zero to one after November.)

9:00 – National Republicans probably are breathing a sigh of relief. In NC-08 Harold Johnson won the Republican primary defeating the very strange Tom D’Annunzio.

9:05 – In NC-13 Bill Randall was declared the winner in the GOP primary.

9:27 – In a very close race Jeff Duncan has won the Republican primary in SC-03.

9:36 – Greg Dority has won the Republican primary in NC-12

9:46 – For what it is worth Bill Marcy has won the Republican primary in MS-02. He is a very big underdog in a very Democratic leaning district.

10:00 – Polls are now closed in Utah.

10:40 – Utah is very slow to report. We are at only 0.7% reporting statewide. Currently The Republican Senate primary is  Mike Lee 54 – Tim Bridgewater 46.

11:15 – With 13% reporting it is Lee 51.5 – Bridgewater 48.5. In the Democratic primary in the 2nd district, with 10% reporting Jim Matheson is hold a strong lead over liberal activist Claudia Wright. Matheson 68-Wright 32

11:30 – Things are real close in the Republican senate primary. 30% reporting Lee 50.9 – Bridgewater 49.1

11:50 – Incumbent Democrat Matheson has been declared the winner in UT-02.

12:00 – With 50% reporting Lee holds on top his small edge Lee 51 – Bridgewater 49.

Mike Lee wins a narrow victory in Utah. He will likely be the next US senator from the state.