Tonight is one of the biggest election nights this cycle with primaries in 11 states in one special election in Georgia. Polls have closed in Virginia and South Carolina. Polls will close in Arkansas at 7:30pm CDT. That is the location of the big show tonight the fight between Bill Halter and Blanche Lincoln. For a full list of poll closing times look here, and for a summary of what to watch for tonight, look here. You can find a live update of results on Politico.

Feel free to share your thoughts, observations, and predictions in the thread. Also, if you live in California you still have several hours to vote on some important ballot measures. My only prediction so far is that it is going to be a very late night.

7:00 – The first polls are now closed but it will probably be at least 30-45 minutes before we starting seeing real results.

7:15 – First little taste of results coming in. In VA-1, Robert Wittman takes a big early over changer Catherine Carbill.

7:24 – With 20% reporting in VA-5 Robert Hurt (40.5%) is holding on to a modest lead over James McKelvey (33.9%). This is the race to see who gets to take on Tom Perriello.

7:35 – The VA-2 Republican primary is really close. Establishment choice Scott Rigell is losing to Bert Mizusawa with 17% reporting. Mizusawa 36.9% – Rigell 33.1% (this is the race to take on Democrat Glenn Nye).

7:44 – Robert Hurt wins the crowded field in VA-O5. He will face Perriello. Interesting to see if conservative Jeffrey Clark makes good on his threat to run as indy if Hurt won.

7:48 -  A real flip in VA-02 with 32% reporting. Rigell 39.3 – Mizusawa 24.9

8:00 – polls now also closed in Maine, North Dakota, New Jersey, and South Dakota.

8:05 – VA-05 Republican primary just got called for Scott Rigell. It seems crowded primaries are helping establishment Republicans choices slip by with less than 50%.

8:10 – in VA-11 Republican primary the winner is Keith Fimian.

8:15 – finally starting to get real numbers from SC gov races with 13% reporting. In Democratic race Vincent Sheheen might be able to avoid a runoff with 55.7% of the vote so far with second place Jim Rex at 25.5%. The very heated Republican primary looks like it is heading for a runoff Nikki Haley 42.1 – Gresham Barrett 29.1

8:24 – In the special election to replace Nathan Deal in deep red Georga’s 9th district Tom Graves has been declared the winner.

8:30 – Polls now closed in Arkansas!

8:35 – Very interesting things happening in the crowded SC-04 Republican primary. Incumbent Bob Inglis is in really bad shape. With 30% reporting it is Tery Gowdy 44.3 – Inglis 26.2. Inglis might possibly not even get a runoff.

8:45 – In SC Gov with 30% reporting Vincent Sheheen is in good shape with 58%. On the Republican side the big question mark is will Nikki Haley got over 50% to avoid a runoff. She is currently 47.2 with Barrett 23.4

8:55 – AP called SC Gov Dem primary for Sheheen