Tonight is one of the biggest election nights this cycle with primaries in 11 states and one special election in Georgia. For a full list of poll closing times look here, and for a summary of what to watch for tonight, look here. You can find a live update of election results on Politico. You can find part one of FDL’s primary liveblog here, and part two here.

The polls have now closed in all states but California; results are starting to come in from all over. The big story is still the fight between Bill Halter and Blanche Lincoln. It is currently Halter 51 – Lincoln 49 with 56.5 percent of precincts reporting

10:31 – This is looking to be a really close race in Arkansas. with 59.5% reporting it is Halter 50.9 – Lincoln 49.1

10:36 – Clearly something very weird going on, probably AP reporting error. With 63.5% reporting it is Lincoln 51.3 – Halter 48.7

10:51 – In IA-03 Republican primary Brad Zaun managed to crush the nationally recruited Jim Gibbons. Zaun will take on Incumbent Dem. Leonard Boswell.

10:57 – The race has been called for Blanche Lincoln.

11:00 – Polls have now closed in California. So all polls are closed tonight.

11:02 – In The Republican SD at large district Kristi Noem has been declared the win and will take on Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

11:05 – Seriously what the hell happened in the SC Dem Senate race. Alvin Greene won with a big margin having raised no money and not campaigning at all. This is just weird.

11:14 – Solid results are starting to come in from Nevada. with 13 reporting it is Sharron Angle 35.2 – Sue Lowden 33.2 – Danny Tarkanian 20.6 in the Republican Sen primary. I wonder if the anti-Angle vote decided to rally around Lowden or we just have Lowden heavy places reporting first? On The governor side Brian Sandoval defeated incumbent Republican governor Jim Gibbons.

11:30 – Only 4% reporting in California so far but things are looking good as expected for Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina. GOP Gov is Whitman 65.5 – Steve Poizner 24.7 and the GOP Sen is Fiorina 58.7 – Tom Campbell 21.7

11:33 – The Maine Gov race has been called on both sides. It will be Democrat Libby Mitchell vs. Republican Paul LePage.

11:35 – The Dem House runoff race in AR-01 went to Chad Causey and in AR-02 it went to Joyce Elliott.

11:45 – In NV GOP Sen race Angle is holding on to her lead with 32% reporting. Angle 36.8 – Lowden 30.5. The Reid camp must be pretty pleased right now.

11:55 – No big surprise the GOP gov primary in California has been called for Meg Whitman.

12:01 – Things are not looking good for the California ballot measures. With 5% reporting Prop 14 the “top two primary” measure is winning big 60-40. Prop 15 the fair election public financing measure is losing 43-57 and the completely terrible PE&G Prop 16 power grab is winning 51-49. It looks like the California Chamber of Commerce is having a good night.