Rahm Emanuel's Finger

Read between the lines. Image via HuffPost

Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg predicts that if the 2010 election were held today, it would be bad enough for Democrats to be 1994 all over again. According to new polling released by Greenberg and partner James Carville, Democrats are held in such little regard today that “we’re on the edge of 1994… If the election were now, you would be there.”

Don’t act surprised. Rahm promised us this would happen:

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has been telling Democrats a win on the health issue will reverse the slide in public opinion, just as passage of another controversial proposal, the North American Free Trade Agreement, lifted President Bill Clinton in the polls.

Greenberg notes that his models show that Democrats should at least “marginally” improve by November, with “Democratic enthusiasm rebounding a little in the aftermath of the healthcare bill.”

That’s hardly reassuring. We’re on the brink of 1994, and it’s all because Rahm Emanuel drove us to the edge of this cliff. (And remember, he did the same damn thing in 1994, too.)